Hello Spring!


Gift Card Envelopes For Celebrant

For this month and early next month I am going to attend three parties. I don't have any idea what to give, so I think the best way to make the celebrant happy is to give money with gift card envelopes. Do you agree? I asked one of the celebrant and she said she wants to go shopping. My girls said that she gave me a hint which is money.


Lanyards For Sale

I haven't been blogging seriously for the last few years. I need to do this again religiously so that I will earn more to save for our holiday next year. But my kids are growing up so fast and they need more things so my online earning most of it I used it to pay for my online shopping for me and for my 3 kiddos. At least I have resources where to get the money. So I need more advertisement like lanyards to earn more. More opps. please....


My Family in 12 Apostles



Kidsplay Handbells

My kids just had their two weeks school holiday. Eight days of it we spent it on holiday interstate. It was tiring and exhausting but everybody had fun. The rest they spent their time cleaning, chatting, reading books, playing online games and playing the kidsplay handbells while singing. I'm so thankful that all of them came back in good health from our holiday while me and hubby were sick because of exhaustion. 


Blogging For Five Years

I've been doing this blogging for more than five years now. I remember there was a time that i was addicted into it and cannot stop writing. Not that I am a writer :) Now I only open it when I have assignments to do. Anyhow, I am very tired now and I need to go to bed but beforehand need to look for fidelity bond insurance for a friend. 


Not Bad For 36 Eh?